Rhinoceros Success and Scott Alexander

Rhinoceros Success is the book that changed my life. I was 18 years old and was just laid off from Alpha Beta – a grocery store chain in California.

I was looking for a job when I ran into a company called WWI – Wholesale Warehousing Industries started by Murray Rinehart.
These guys were amazing!

Every morning we would train and get JUICED up. No NOT drugs… Just a natural Excitement for the day ahead.
That is when I was introduced to Rhinoceros Success by Scott Alexander.

This book is AWESOME! Short and simple yet extremely powerful. From that moment, I have been a LIFE long RHINO! Charging FULL steam ahead and telling everyone I could about Rhinos and Cows.

I still remember the day last year when I became friends with Scott Alexander the original creator of Rhinoceros Success on Facebook.
I was like a girly girl at a Rock Concert.  The man that started everything for me was now my friend 20 years later on Facebook.

SIDE BAR: I have done everything to reach out to Scott and work with him on this endeavor. I have even talked with the current publishers of Rhinoceros Success (I can get books if you want them) – I want Scott to be part of this website/blog. As we continue to push his vision to the world…Maybe 1 day our Leader will emerge and take the Rhino by the Horn!

Scott Alexander you are a true Icon in the industry of Self Help along side Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, and the many other individuals that have helped shape our leaders of today.

I dedicate this website/blog to continuing to educate Rhinoceros Success minded people on the core values of Charging to Succeed!


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